Acronyms, abbreviations – and mnemonics

17th April 2019By Ruth SEthical Business Practice, Ethical Business Regulation

Plain language is always preferable. Yet, sometimes acronyms and abbreviations arise – both as shorthand and sometimes as helpful mnemonics. Confused about those used in the context of #EthicalBusinessPractice and #EthicalBusinessRegulation? Don’t suffer in silence. Here’s a print-out-and-keep reference guid to common abbreviations and acronyms – adapted from Ethical Business Practice and Regulation – A … Read More

Listen with no thought of replying

17th April 2019By Ruth SEffective Ethical Culture, Thoughts

Some thoughts from one of my recent workshops… Try to be fully present without judgment. Listen with an open mind; focus on what the person is saying, not on how you are going to respond. Remember that everyone has his or her own separate reality. What might that mean for listening? Try listening to a … Read More

The Impact Revolution: The Role of Law and Lawyers

3rd April 2019By Ruth SSpeaking & Events

You are invited to join the ESELA Annual Conference on Friday 12 April 2019 at the London School of Economics, hosted by The Marshall Institute. The conference will explore the Role of Law and Lawyers in the Impact Revolution. A varied agenda will cover international and domestic concerns across four streams: Impact Investing, Profit with … Read More

#EthicalBusinessPractice: Cultural and Leadership Framework – The Foundation, People and Ethos, Systems and Processes

20th March 2019By Ruth SEthical Business Practice

The Foundation, People and Ethos, Systems and Processes: The Foundation A belief that ethics is everyone’s responsibility. An articulated and inspirational social purpose. Thoughtfully identified core ethical values, whose meanings are clear to all employees, and continuous communication and training for all (including the board) to reinforce the values. A public commitment by leaders and … Read More

Chartered Banker: Are we getting to the root of what will drive change?

13th March 2019By Ruth SEffective Ethical Culture, Ethical Business Practice, Speaking & Events

I recently participated in a webinar for the Chartered Banker Institute, focused on the importance of culture and conduct. It was a great opportunity to talk about something we are both passionately promoting in our respective lines of work: individual engagement with improving organisation culture and our accountability. Not only to our customers, and society … Read More

Three insights from the World Economic Forum

30th January 2019By Michael AmbjornThoughts

Guest blog by Michael Ambjorn – following the annual Davos circus from afar, a few quick take-aways: Don’t miss the elephant(s) in the room Hannibal famously crossed the Alps with elephants. I’m fairly sure that he didn’t go through Davos. Yet, that’s not to say that the assembled leaders didn’t miss a few elephants nevertheless. Well, … Read More

Is it time to replace the Financial Reporting Council?

8th January 2019By Ruth SEthical Business Regulation, What we're reading

We welcomed the New Board Effectiveness Guidance from the Financial Reporting Council that came out last year. And we’re reading the Independent review of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) with interest. It contains far reaching recommendations, saying it is time to replace the FRC with a new body, called the Audit, Reporting and Governance Authority. The … Read More

Ethics Dates for your 2019 Wall Calendar & Desk Diary

7th January 2019By Ruth SSpeaking & Events

Some of the events related to #EthicalBusinessPractice and #EthicalBusinessRegulation coming up in 2019 – any missing? Let us know… add #EthicsDates to your tweet. 7th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute Berlin, Germany | 10-13 March, 2019 | @SCCE | Learn more Ethics by Design Conference 2019 NYC, NYC | March 15 | @NYUStern & @EthicalSystems | Learn more… 7th Responsible Business … Read More