The Ethics of Events during a Pandemic

In this impromptu episode of Christian Hunt’s Human Risk Podcast, Richard Bistrong, Christian and I discuss the ethics of holding an in-person event at the time of a pandemic. The discussion arose because the three of us were due to attend an Ethics Conference together next month. That Conference has now been switched to becomeContinue reading “The Ethics of Events during a Pandemic”

#EthicalBusinessPractice: Culture eats compliance for breakfast

NSF Conference 2020: Doing the Right Thing Corona-permitting, a bunch of interesting topics will be discussed at this year’s conference: How ethical business behaviour brings about financial benefit Delivering to the values of mission-led consumers Thinking value – not supply – chain Creating radical business change through individual employee behaviours New approaches to regulation –Continue reading “#EthicalBusinessPractice: Culture eats compliance for breakfast”

2020 CFR Regulatory Conference

Join us at the Community of Federal Regulators’ ReIMAGINE REGULATION FOR BETTER OUTCOMES conference. It runs from April 28-29 November 10-11, 2020 at the Ottawa Conference & Event Centre. I will give a talk, and run a workshop on Ethical Business Regulations. Also, my co-author professor Chris Hodges and Graham Russel from the UK OfficeContinue reading “2020 CFR Regulatory Conference”

2020 #EthicsDates for your desk diary and wall calendar

AretéWork is a Knowledge Partner for the …  2020 Forum: Public, private and beyond   25-26 March 2020   OECD, Paris —– More #EthicsDates for 2020 Some of the events coming up – any missing? Let us know… add #EthicsDates to your tweet. OECD Global Conference on Governance Innovation Paris | January 13-14 | #GovInnovation2020 | Learn more… The Financial Crime and Money Laundering SummitContinue reading “2020 #EthicsDates for your desk diary and wall calendar”

Coming up: International Network for Delivery of Regulation (INDR) Conference

INDR will host a three day conference at Wolfson College, Oxford. It’ll cover issues such as the regulation research, the regulatory delivery model, and ethical business practice and ethical business regulation. Here are some of the topics we’ll explore on day three: What are the ways to take Ethical Business Regulation forward in your sectorContinue reading “Coming up: International Network for Delivery of Regulation (INDR) Conference”

Risky Women Radio Podcast: #Ethics of Compliance – podcast & transcript

Risky Women Radio is a show that sets out to connect, celebrate and champion women in risk regulation and compliance. Listen in to this exchange on the Ethics of Compliance – and find the full transcript on – as well as many more podcast episodes. I saw my career as one big black skiContinue reading “Risky Women Radio Podcast: #Ethics of Compliance – podcast & transcript”