New Chair of the UK Regulatory Horizons Council

This just in from the UK RHC – and with that congrats to my longtime #EthicalBusinessRegulation co-author Chris Hodges:

The Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, has appointed Christopher Hodges OBE for a term of three years from August 2022 as the new Chair of the Regulatory Horizons Council, an independent expert committee established to ensure that UK regulation keeps pace with innovation and enables it to thrive while safeguarding the public.

Christopher Hodges OBE is Emeritus Professor of Justice Systems at the University of Oxford and a Supernumerary Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford. He has extensive experience of regulatory systems, initially as a City of London lawyer and for the past 20 years as a leading academic researching many different sectors and advising numerous governments, regulators and businesses on regulatory issues. He is also the co-founder of the International Network for Delivery of Regulation.


Carnegie Conversation Starter: What ethical questions are you grappling with in your career?

Great conversation starter for this year’s #GlobalEthicsDay – discuss – and help spread the word …

Compliance, Ethics, and Organizational Culture

Learning opportunity from the SCCE – shows that even people who are focused on compliance have come to realise that culture, values, behavioural science, cultural assessment are all important aspects of their role – in fact, they are indispensable!

  • Mitigating the Effects of Unconscious Bias
  • Diagnosing Your Culture
  • Measuring ethical culture in a remote environment

There’s still time to register – more below…

Does your organization embrace compliance as a necessary foundational value? No matter how good your compliance program is, the organization could still be at risk without a culture that supports compliance and ethics. Join us on August 4 and take the first step towards fostering a foundational culture of ethics and compliance that lives within your employee base.

This one-day, virtual conference will provide practical guidance and insights from industry leaders on how to build and sustain a positive, compliance-forward culture throughout your organization.


Leading an Effective Ethics & Compliance Ambassadors Program

Extend the reach of your compliance and ethics program

Whether you call yours an “Ambassadors Program”, “Champions Program”, or “Liaison Program”, they all do the same thing—spread awareness and broaden the reach of your compliance and ethics program by using businesspeople as extra arms, legs, and ears.

Join us on August 18, 2022 for this one-day virtual conference, Leading an Effective Ethics & Compliance Ambassadors Program. Through sessions led by industry leaders with deep experience leading Ambassador Programs, you’ll examine different state-of-the-art efforts and ways to improve (or even launch) your own program.


Hot topics

  • Successfully navigating the changing landscape for ambassador programs
  • Optimizing the structure of your program to maximize effectiveness
  • Recruiting and training your ambassadors:  It’s all about the people
  • Inspiring, sustaining, and expanding the network in the medium and long term and building in continuous improvement
  • Communicating with the wider workforce
  • Metrics and assessing your program’s effectiveness

Who should attend?

  • Compliance and ethics professionals

Who’s speaking?

  • Julia Bailey – Chief Compliance Counsel, SVP, Global Ethics & Compliance – Maximus Inc
  • Roz Bliss – Manager, Global Integrity – Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Kay Chapman – Ethics Analyst – SAIC
  • Beth Colling – Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer – CDM Smith, Inc.
  • Lisa Fine – Senior Counsel and Director, Compliance – Pearson
  • Renu Jha – Ex-Regional Compliance Head- APAC CBRE
  • Toni-Lynne Langeveld – Senior Advisor, Ethics & Compliance – Southern California Edison
  • Duncan Milne – Risk & Compliance Director – BUPA Global Latin America
  • Jennifer Selliers – Director, Senior Consultant – Renaissance Regulatory Services
  • Matthew Silverman – Global Trade Director & Senior Counsel VIAVI Solutions

…and yours truly. You can find me on LinkedIn here.

P.S. Earlier posts about Ethics Ambassadors.

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You can handle the truth

The psychologist Adam Grant recently highlighted research supporting the case for #EthicalBusinessPractice – and #EthicalBusinessRegulation. Here’s a link to the original paper by Emma Levine, University of Chicago and Taya R. Cohen, Carnegie Mellon.

Anti-Corruption as a critical condition for Sustainable Recovery

Sensible advice just in from the Basel Institute on Governance and Transparency International – just in time for the  Ukraine Recovery Conference  running 4–5 July in Lugano, Switzerland. The conference will see leaders from around the world pledge hopefully billions to finance Ukraine’s post-war recovery and reconstruction.

The recommendations include the need to:

  • prioritise the leadership selection process and reforms of Ukraine’s formidable anti-corruption institutions, including courts;
  • use transparent procurement systems for reconstruction efforts;
  • strengthen asset recovery systems so that money stolen through corruption in the past can be used to help fuel reconstruction efforts.

See the full recommendations heredownload the infographic or view the recommendations in Ukrainian.

And be sure to follow @BaselInstitute:

Public Inquiry: Governance & Innovation – Call for evidence

The Institute of Directors has launched call for evidence in an area that might be of interest:

IoD - Public Inquiry Governance + Innovation - Call for evidence
IoD – Public Inquiry Governance + Innovation – Call for evidence

This inquiry will focus on the impact of governance on innovation, not the full range of factors that influence companies’ decisions and behaviour. The purpose is to explore the extent to which companies’ governance arrangements and the governance framework within which they operate encourage or deter innovation, and to identify good practices that – if more widely adopted – can help good governance to become an active driver of sustainable value creation.

IoD Centre for Corporate Governance.

The area I’ll be keen to hear more on is around regulation – here are three of the questions they’ve put out – discuss:

  • Would a change to directors’ duties as proposed by the Better Business Act campaign have any impact on directors’ attitude to innovation?
  • Is there anything in the existing governance rules and codes, or other regulation, that has the effect of inhibiting innovation?
  • Apart from rules and codes, are there any actions regulators and policy makers could take to encourage innovation?

Learn more – and participate – download the PDF outlining the call for evidence or visit the IoD Centre for Corporate Governance.

Topical AMLP follow-up Oliver Bullough’s ‘How to steal a trillion’

There are many reasons to go to the next Quarterly Meeting of the The Anti Money Laundering Professionals Forum (AMLP) … I’ll be there to debate the a new report from Transparency International – and I’m also looking forward to the session with Martin Swain, Companies House Director of Policy, Strategy and Planning – who will provide an update on…

  • Improving the integrity of the UK Public Register – transforming into a custodian of accurate and detailed information
  • New mandatory identity verification relating to directors, beneficial owners and agents
  • New powers for the registrar to query on any information provided
  • Tackling misuse of UK registered entities for criminal gain & sharing suspicious activities with enforcement agencies
  • Housing registration of overseas entities and anonymous foreign owners of UK property
  • A timeline of key elements of the reforms – a look ahead…

Topical following Oliver Bullough’s ‘How to steal a trillion’:

Author and journalist Oliver Bullough traces Britain’s vital role in the growth of ‘offshore’ money laundering – from its origins in the City of the 1950s, through to its impact today.

In this omnibus edition of the series, he traces the origins of ‘offshore’ back to the sleepy City of London of the 1950s. A moment of inspiration fuses with the shock of the Suez Crisis to create the launch of a whole new approach to finance.

From there, he traces how offshoring developed through Britain’s links to an unusual number of islands – the ‘last pink bits’ on the old Imperial map, and Crown Dependencies, such as Jersey. Next he explores the arrival of Russian oligarchs in the 1990s, and the growth of the shell company.

Listen on BBC Sounds or find it on the BBC website – and find Oliver Bullough’s books on Amazon

Transparency International: ‘How companies can use values to enhance the effectiveness of their anti-corruption programme’

Transparency International has launched a new report ‘How companies can use values to enhance the effectiveness of their anti-corruption programme’ and we’ll debate it at the Quarterly Meeting of the Anti Money Laundering Professionals (AMPL).

Cover of the 2022 Transparency International report VALUES ADDED How companies can use values to enhance their anti-corruption approach
Cover of the 2022 Transparency International report VALUES ADDED How companies can use values to enhance their anti-corruption approach

Here’s the panel:

  • Tilly Prior, Senior Programme Officer, Business Integrity Programme, TI UK
  • Ruth Steinholtz, Managing Partner, Creating values-based ethical cultures, AretéWork
  • Valerie Monk, Compliance Programme Design Lead, Mundipharma

And I hope to see you there! More about AMLP and how to join:

Save the date: EU Consumer Alternate Dispute Resolution Conference

Just in from my co-author Chris Hodges OBE:

9th & 10th November 2022 at Wolfson College, Oxford

Organised by Professor Christopher Hodges OBE of University of Oxford and Professor Stefaan Voet of KU Leuven.

Topics will include:

  • The status and future of the European Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) framework
  • Access, Trust, Procedure, Digitisation, Feedback and Affecting Behaviour
  • Modernisation of dispute resolution and regulation: systems, integrations, landscapes

More to come… meanwhile, please share and save the date.

P.S. Here’s a flashback to the first Annual Consumer ADR Conference.