3 Useful Questions in Dispute Resolution

I’ve just been reading through a recent report from my long-time collaborator professor Christopher Hodges. It is full of insights, here’s just one quick highlight:

Every dispute resolution pathway should be reviewed against its ability to provide satisfactory answers to three questions:

  1. How do people identify and access information, advice, support, and assistance in solving their problems?
  2. How do we ensure that dispute resolution pathways are simple, effective, and cost-effective and deliver justice to people and organizations?
  3. How do we identify systemic problems, and address them so as to reduce risk of future recurrence?

You can download the full report on the FLJS.org – and whilst there you’ll also find other publications that may be of interest, including:

#OECDIntegrity Ask: Your voice for integrity

Are you a young person who cares about corruption and integrity? What question would you ask leaders?

Raise your voice for integrity now, and submit a 10-second video of your question to leaders.

Leaders from politics, business and civil society will answer your questions, as a compilation of selected videos will kick off the Leaders’ Panel of the 2020 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum.

Be creative, but also courteous – questions using explicit language, targeting specific individuals, groups or states will not be accepted.

Submit your 10-second video questions by 20 January 2020: anticorruption-integrity.oecd.org/forum/your-voice/

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2020 #EthicsDates for your desk diary and wall calendar

AretéWork is a Knowledge Partner for the … 

OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum
OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum

2020 Forum: Public, private and beyond

  25-26 March 2020   OECD, Paris


More #EthicsDates for 2020

Some of the events coming up – any missing? Let us know… add #EthicsDates to your tweet.

OECD Global Conference on Governance Innovation
Paris | January 13-14 | #GovInnovation2020 | Learn more…

The Financial Crime and Money Laundering Summit
London | January 29 | #FinancialCrime | Learn more…

8th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute
Amsterdam | March 16-18 | @SCCE | Learn more

The Responsible Business Summit NYC
NYC | March 16-18 | Learn more…

16th Annual UK AML & Financial Crime Seminar
London | March 18-19 | Learn more…

Conscious Capitalism – Annual Conference
Jersey City | 14-16 April | @ConsciousCap | Learn more…

Worldwide | October 21 | @carnegiecouncil | Learn more…

Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit
Amsterdam, Netherlands | October | Learn more…

Two worthwhile videos and a call to action: #UnitedAgainstCorruption




Coming up: International Network for Delivery of Regulation (INDR) Conference

INDR will host a three day conference at Wolfson College, Oxford. It’ll cover issues such as the regulation research, the regulatory delivery model, and ethical business practice and ethical business regulation.

Here are some of the topics we’ll explore on day three:

    • What are the ways to take Ethical Business Regulation forward in your sector or organisation?
    • What initiatives lie with business or with regulators, or others?
    • What should regulators be looking for?
    • How should regulators react to good and bad evidence?
    • How do we respond to sceptical public and politicians?

Learn more about the programme (and get your ticket)

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Risky Women Radio Podcast: #Ethics of Compliance – podcast & transcript

Risky Women Radio is a show that sets out to connect, celebrate and champion women in risk regulation and compliance. Listen in to this exchange on the Ethics of Compliance – and find the full transcript on riskywomen.org – as well as many more podcast episodes.

I saw my career as one big black ski run! I don’t need to prove myself as a risk taker. Risk was the theme of my career.

I have one mantra that I’ve had for many years, which is that everyone, everyone is a leader when it comes to ethics.


ImagePoints of Interest

  • 00:00 Introduction from Chief Risky Woman Kimberley Cole
  • 01:42 Sherry Madera @ Risky Women Singapore live event
  • 06:06 Career
  • 11:03 Biggest things going wrong in compliance
  • 13:51 Who is responsible for compliance
  • 16:30 Why people break rules
  • 18:38 Factors for behaviour and leadership
  • 28:31 Culture, approach, and measurement
  • 35:12 Discovering an organisation’s values
  • 37:33 When organisations don’t want to change their values
  • 39:45 Industries that finance can learn from
  • 42:07 Incentives
  • 43:23 Rapid Fire Round

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Download: Ethical Business Practice & Regulation – A new paradigm for business and regulation

Sofht Focus Issue 90

Professor Chris Hodges and I have cover story in the latest issue of SOFHT FOCUS.

Download and share

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What are you adding to your 2020 event calendar?

We’re halfway through 2019 and we’re updating our #ethicsdates list. Are you planning something for the autumn we haven’t added – or perhaps even something for 2020? Do share.

Events coming up later this year

October 16, 2019 | @carnegiecouncil | Learn more…

October 17, 2019 | @ValuesDay | Learn more…

Conscious Capitalism – CEO Summit
Lost Pines, TX | October 15-17 | @ConsciousCap | Learn more…

Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit
Amsterdam, Netherlands | 16-17 October, 2019 | Learn more…


The 2020 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum will take place on 25-26 March at the OECD, Paris. Registration will open on 9 December 2019. Stay updated: oecd.org/corruption/integrity-forum

An event missing from this list? Do share your #ethicsdates.

‘If you want someone to do something, then make it easier…’

One of the points I am constantly making when speaking to audiences large and small is that complicated policies, procedures, guidance, etc are ineffective. This is one of the reasons that values are often more effective than rules. It isn’t necessary to give complicated instructions to ensure that people don’t work around it like you would have to with a rule – the biggest mistake is trying to cover all eventualities – you will certainly forget something and there will be a loop hole.

One way to remind oneself about this (and other) key behavioural science insights? Read more from behavioural scientists…

On this blog I’ve referenced the work of Dan Ariely before, recommended the books of Margaret Heffernan as two examples. And I am always looking for more to add to my growing list of top reads. If you have one, be sure to let me know.

And meanwhile let me share a recent addition: the Human Risk newsletter. The latest issue hit my inbox the other day. Really worthwhile. It is from Christian Hunt – aka @HumanRiskBlog – and those hyperlinks should make it easy to follow his work. Enjoy.

Latest Risky Women Annual Report – including so far in 2019…

This just in from the good people at Risky Women:

“Live events flourished and our own community podcast launched giving even greater voice to our community of experts and inspiring emerging talent.”

Read all about it in the latest Risky Women Annual Report – which also has brief mention of some of progress from 2019 too (excited to be included)!