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“I wanted to say a massive thanks for your involvement in the Australian Regulatory Summit last week (as well as a more general thanks for both that and the ASEAN summit). The Australian summit has been really well received, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive in general and about your session in particular. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us and the audience.”

Colin Carter, Head of Summits, Refinitiv


“A great insight for creating and sustaining an ambassador program Ethics ambassadors are a key to driving culture change”

“Practical takeaways. Great sense of humour.”

“This was overall just a wonderful session with a novel idea presented in a way that made me think it would work in a wide variety of organizations. This was the best session of all. Very practical and engaging. The real answer to the problem. I will do this”

“Information was useful and practical. You can hear the experience of the speaker.”

Actual comments taken from the evaluations from past SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute sessions:

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