Our Services are built around our long-held beliefs that:

Compliance is an Outcome, not an Approach


Ethics is Everyone’s Responsibility

Our approach to achieving an effective ethical culture is holistic and based on values, the fundamental building blocks of organisational culture.
Our goal is to help your organisation develop consistent Ethical Business Practice; taking into consideration your culture, the risks your organisation is exposed to and your budget. We work with you to create the success you deserve.

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An effective ethical culture is founded on true core values, actively championed, and consistently reinforced.

• Measure your organisation’s culture using a Cultural Values Assessment
• Identify and describe your organisation’s true core values
• Identify any obstacles in the path to an effective ethical culture
• Learn the lessons of behavioural ethics
• Create a plan/map to guide you to achieving the ethical culture you desire



In my book Ethical Business Practice and Regulation (with Prof. Chris Hodges) we suggest three elements of an effective ethical culture, The Foundation and two Frameworks: Cultural and Leadership and Values-based Ethics and Compliance.

Our Holistic approach encompasses:

  • An exploration of the Foundation of an effective ethical culture and assessment of any gaps in your organisation’s culture
  • Assistance in implementing aspects of the Cultural and Leadership Framework
  • Assistance in implementing a values-based Ethics and Compliance Framework
  • Discovery of the benefits of an Ethics Ambassador network and assistance in the creation of your own diplomatic corps for ethics
  • Improve your employee’s ethical decision making skills


Continuous learning and professional development are needed to keep up in today’s challenging environment. Anyone working in the legal, ethics & compliance and risk fields must have a broad skill base.

• Team workshops – is your team working to its highest potential? Is it cohesive or are elements working at cross purposes?  
• Individual coaching and mentoring of senior professionals
• Design and facilitation of bespoke workshops to launch or re-energise an ethics ambassador network

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