Crystallising value in a  Purpose Oriented Culture

Conduct & Culture - Armstrong Wolfe

I hope you’ll join me for this at the Conduct & Culture Summit organised by Armstrong Wolfe – Three days of virtual webinars for the Financial Services Global COO and CCO community.

Theme:Purpose and Leadership
Date:19th April 2021
Time:1:00pm-2:30pm BST
Topic:Crystallising value in a  Purpose Oriented Culture

It is an opportunity to hear from industry and regulatory leaders, prominent academics and those at the forefront of behavioural science on how culture and conduct are shaping the Financial Services industry.

Advanced and progressive thinking in relation to managing culture and conduct.

What it is not:
The dissection of established operational processes, policies and mandates in place today.

Who should attend:
Business heads accountable for culture and conduct and the appointed executives responsible for determining how best to protect the franchise from evolving threats.

Its focus on culture, the importance of cultural cohesion and the changing demands of the conduct agenda have never been more important and complex than now. The COVID-19 crisis has placed the industry into a uniquely challenging place but with every test there exists opportunity to embrace change and meet this contest with innovation and courage.