Honest discussions about whistleblowing and corporate scandals at the annual Nordic Business Ethics Day

4th Annual Nordic Business Ethics Day.png

Lots of reasons to tune in when the good people at Nordic Business Ethics put on their 4th annual conference:

“Is your organisation next out? Whistleblowers and investigative journalists ensure that we keep reading about companies and their short comings. Sometimes the conduct is outright illegal, other times it is perceived as unethical and often times only lawyers and the involved persons care about the difference.”


Some of the speakers I am looking forward to hearing on the day:

  • Tom Meiers – Chief Governance and Legal Officer at SEAT and CUPRA
  • Per Arne Lund – Chief Compliance Officer/Head of GRC på VOLKSWAGEN GROUP Sverige
  • Mary Inman – Partner at Constantine Cannon LLP | Head of International Whistleblower Practice
  • Guido Palazzo – Professor of Business Ethics at the University of Lausanne
  • Johannes Stefanson – Fishrot Whistleblower

And of course the organisers and moderators for the day: Anna Romberg and Niina Ratsula.

Sign up here: nordicbusinessethics.com/event/nordic-business-ethics-day-2022/