AretéWork website is now live.

It has been a long time coming!

It is fair to say that it has taken quite a long time to develop and launch this website.  First, it took almost a year to find a name for my business.  One evening, listening with one ear to a BBC TV programme on philosophy, something about the Greek word “Areté” caught my attention and when I looked it up I discovered it described exactly what I was hoping to do with my business.  It means “excellence”, living up to one’s potential and virtue (ethics).  (Greek: ἀρετή),

And then there was the matter of the logo.  After various false starts, I discovered and sent my brief (including my favourite colours and my animal totem, the owl, as well as a few words about the business.  Designers from all over the world can respond, and several did. The one who came up with the winning concept was a 24-year-old from Monterrey, Mexico, and after a bit of tweaking, I was delighted with the approach, including the owl out on the limb, since sometimes you have to go out on a limb in order to do the right thing, and the general look and feel.

It is a work in progress to be sure, but now that it is out there, I can have fun working to evolve it.  One of my personal values is ease with uncertainty.  I am uncertain how you will respond, but looking forward to your comments and observations about the world of values-based ethics, leadership and related topics.  Please join the conversation.