Behavioural biases & heuristics

Two worthwhile questions – and a set of tools to answer them with from the Center for Advanced Hindsigt at Duke University: Test yourself with the below flashcards that include over 50 behavioural heuristics. Flashcard set 1: Download this set first. Learn, memorise and start applying to your business or your personal life! Flashcard setContinue reading “Behavioural biases & heuristics”

Pre-order: Humanizing Rules – Bringing Behavioural Science to Ethics and Compliance

Longtime friend of AretéWork and occasional webinar co-host Christian Hunt is topical with an exciting new book – which is now available for pre-order from Amazon, – as well as directly from the publisher, Wiley. Amongst other things you’ll find an overview of the… As well as an introduction to Behavioural Science – andContinue reading “Pre-order: Humanizing Rules – Bringing Behavioural Science to Ethics and Compliance”

Women to Watch Q&A

I recently sat down with the Risky Women team for one of their Women to Watch Q&As – here are the questions they put to me: What makes you a Risky Woman? It gives meaning and purpose to my life – I want to make a difference by supporting risk professionals to move beyond policiesContinue reading “Women to Watch Q&A”

‘Compliance Trainings’

For years, employees have been yawning their way through interminable “compliance trainings” on a variety of subjects. Some of the earlier efforts insulted their intelligence. Others portrayed villains who for some reason were always either British or Latin American. Cultural insensitivity was only one of the issues I have long had with many e-learning andContinue reading “‘Compliance Trainings’”

The Ethics of Events during a Pandemic

In this impromptu episode of Christian Hunt’s Human Risk Podcast, Richard Bistrong, Christian and I discuss the ethics of holding an in-person event at the time of a pandemic. The discussion arose because the three of us were due to attend an Ethics Conference together next month. That Conference has now been switched to becomeContinue reading “The Ethics of Events during a Pandemic”

3 Useful Questions in Dispute Resolution

I’ve just been reading through a recent report from my long-time collaborator professor Christopher Hodges. It is full of insights, here’s just one quick highlight: Every dispute resolution pathway should be reviewed against its ability to provide satisfactory answers to three questions: How do people identify and access information, advice, support, and assistance in solvingContinue reading “3 Useful Questions in Dispute Resolution”

Download: Ethical Business Practice & Regulation – A new paradigm for business and regulation

Professor Chris Hodges and I have cover story in the latest issue of SOFHT FOCUS. Download and share Here’s a printable PDF of the article Ethical Business Practice & Regulation – A new paradigm for business and regulation. And read the full magazine online – and be sure to follow @sofhtb78 too. Want to stay tunedContinue reading “Download: Ethical Business Practice & Regulation – A new paradigm for business and regulation”