Strengthening global integrity and ethics

Recently @UNODC & @eplo_news welcomed academics from across the 🌍 to finalize and sign-off on a new series of #university modules on integrity and ethics. Find out more about this exciting news under the #Education4Justice initiative #Education #RuleofLaw

“If young people acquire sufficient and appropriate education, they will be able to make a significant contribution towards preventing and combating crime and corruption, thus bringing about change for a better future.” – UNODC‘s Corruption and Economic Crime Branch Chief, Dimitri Vlassis

It has been exciting to be part of the development of a new set of modules to address exactly this. The team, some 70 experts from 30 countries across the globe, recently gathered at the European Public Law Organization (EPLO). We worked to finalize and sign-off on a new series of UNODC university modules, which will be launched online soon.

The 14 modules, are designed to be used by lecturers in any part of the world. But don’t just take my word for it, here’s Wendy O’Brien from Deakin University talking more about it.

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