#EthicalBusinessPractice: Culture eats compliance for breakfast

NSF Conference 2020: Doing the Right Thing

NSF Conference 2020: Doing the Right Thing

Corona-permitting, a bunch of interesting topics will be discussed at this year’s conference:

  • How ethical business behaviour brings about financial benefit
  • Delivering to the values of mission-led consumers
  • Thinking value – not supply – chain
  • Creating radical business change through individual employee behaviours
  • New approaches to regulation – FSA update

I’m running a session that looks at how and why compliance is an outcome of an effective ethical culture and the implications for compliance professionals and leaders alike. Sustainable success is built on a healthy culture that considers the interests of all stakeholders. Compliance, safety and quality managers make an important contribution to the bottom line; we discuss ways in which that can be enhanced.

Follow along: #EthicalBusinessPractice (works on both Twitter and LinkedIn).

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