Input for the C20 Anti-Corruption Working Group

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We hope you are staying healthy and safe during this difficult time. The coronavirus pandemic was precipitated by and will be exacerbated by corruption, and reminds us once again why accountability and transparency are so important.

This year, our Director Blair Glencorse is leading the C20 Anti-Corruption Working Group, the global civil society initiative that will provide policy proposals to the G20 on issues of anti-corruption.

He’d love to hear your ideas and have you as part of this process too: Sign up here!

Along with many other civil society organizations globally, Accountability Lab has drafted a policy paper with priorities for the G20. Blair would love your thoughts and feedback to make sure the G20 hears what you care about. Get in touch with Blair Glencorse to access the policy paper and share your comments. Alternatively, tweet ideas at @accountlab.

This an an opportunity to make critical anti-corruption and accountability reforms a global priority.