FIPRA #BetterRegulation

At a FIPRA event last year, much attention was devoted to Ethical Business Practice and Regulation. Building on the positive response both to the event and in subsequent work, in Europe and around the world, FIPRA wants to build on those foundations. This year’s FIPRA and European Justice Forum joint conference will mark the launch of a Brussels and EU chapter for the International Network for the Delivery of Regulation.

The aim both on the day and beyond will be to contribute fresh thinking on how regulators can better reconcile their mission and vision in their day-to-day work.

And on how novel tools and methods can achieve society’s regulatory goals more effectively and at lower costs all round.

Please join us, as we use the conversations on the day to identify together those sectors and issues on the EU agenda which can most evidently benefit from the specific techniques and affordances of Ethical Business Practice and Regulation. Beyond this, we would want to understand sector by sector how far the tool-box needs customisation in order to be fit for purpose.

Ultimately, we believe it is possible for Europe to be a global leader in the design and construction of a future-proof on-line system of governance for the 21st Century.

The conference will have three focal themes:

  • Why do we need a different approach to regulation?
  • How can we regulate the digital space?
  • What role can play the use of data in regulation and performance?

Place: Virtual conference
Time: 22nd September 2020, between 09:15 and 11:15

Participants: #60-80

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