Overcoming the culture challenges of building enterprise wide adaptability and compliance

Session coming up at the 14th Annual European Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime Conference:

Moderator: Gregory Dellas, Chief Compliance & Innovation Officer, ECOMMBX Cyprus

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The AMLP Forum is an association of leading anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorism financing (CTF), financial crime and anti-corruption practitioners — from within and outside financial services, insurance, MSBs, gambling, extractive, defence and other sectors in the UK and internationally. AMLP provides a vibrant platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and evolving best practice.

The 14th Annual European AML & Financial Crime Conference – A Global Outlook

This event brings together leading stakeholders to examine the latest strategies and practical measures to combat ML/TF & financial crime. It provides an excellent opportunity to learn about recent international AML/CTF developments, best implementation practices, and share knowledge and solutions with professionals from UK, Europe and further afield.