South and Southeast Asia opportunity: International anti-corruption summer school


Just in from our friends at UN Office of Drugs & Crime – please help spread the word so as many eligible students as possible are reached:

Corruption is one of the most serious global threats of our time.  

It is a complex social, economic and  political phenomenon, which has disastrous effects on the economic development, stability and  environment and is linked to a crisis of democracy and rising inequalities. Although corruption has  been an ever-present problem in societies, old and new, it continues to cause far-reaching problems  all over the world, undermining the institutions, civic and ethical values, and justice. 

Effective anti-corruption efforts must go beyond legal and institutional approaches. Addressing  corruption is linked to our own actions as individuals living within a society, as the most serious effects  are not from one act of corruption but from the combined effects of many unethical acts. Many  everyday situations challenge our integrity and ethical judgement – from skipping a line to using your  position to give someone an undue advantage over others. Hence, combating such a complex  phenomenon requires multiple and collective approaches, including education programmes that seek  to transform societal attitudes and practices and empower future generations to resist and prevent  corruption.  

In this vein, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the International Anti Corruption Academy (IACA) are joining forces to organize the first international anti-corruption summer school for students and young people from South and Southeast Asia. The summer school will  be held online via IACA training platform from 24 to 30 May 2021.  


The summer school will build ethical skills and mindsets in students and young individuals and will raise  awareness among them of the values and principles of integrity, ethics and anti-corruption. The summer school’s programme is designed for young passionate individuals that want to become ethical  agents of change in their community and will provide them with knowledge on how to resist and  prevent corruption. With this programme the participants will understand what corruption is and what  are its harmful impacts on the society. 


The first international anti-corruption summer school will be open to stduents and young people of age 18-29 from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia and Nepal. Participants will be selected based on their language skills (proficiency of written and spoken English), educational background and personal  interest in the topic. Participation in the summer school will be free of charge.  


The summer school will be delivered in an interactive manner and will include seven substantive online sessions. Each session will be delivered by an internationally renowned professor or practitioner. The  lecturers will provide draw from their knowledge and experience in the field of anti-corruption to  enrich the classes with practical examples and provide a unique insight of the sessions’ topics. 

Upon completion of the summer school, participants will be rewarded with a Certificate of completion  of the programme from UNODC and IACA. 


P.S. Outside the age range for this yet still keen to learn? Check out the other programmes from IACA.