Topical AMLP follow-up Oliver Bullough’s ‘How to steal a trillion’

2022 Quarterly AMLP Meeting June

There are many reasons to go to the next Quarterly Meeting of the The Anti Money Laundering Professionals Forum (AMLP) … I’ll be there to debate the a new report from Transparency International – and I’m also looking forward to the session with Martin Swain, Companies House Director of Policy, Strategy and Planning – who will provide an update on…

  • Improving the integrity of the UK Public Register – transforming into a custodian of accurate and detailed information
  • New mandatory identity verification relating to directors, beneficial owners and agents
  • New powers for the registrar to query on any information provided
  • Tackling misuse of UK registered entities for criminal gain & sharing suspicious activities with enforcement agencies
  • Housing registration of overseas entities and anonymous foreign owners of UK property
  • A timeline of key elements of the reforms – a look ahead…

Topical following Oliver Bullough’s ‘How to steal a trillion’:

Author and journalist Oliver Bullough traces Britain’s vital role in the growth of ‘offshore’ money laundering – from its origins in the City of the 1950s, through to its impact today.

In this omnibus edition of the series, he traces the origins of ‘offshore’ back to the sleepy City of London of the 1950s. A moment of inspiration fuses with the shock of the Suez Crisis to create the launch of a whole new approach to finance.

From there, he traces how offshoring developed through Britain’s links to an unusual number of islands – the ‘last pink bits’ on the old Imperial map, and Crown Dependencies, such as Jersey. Next he explores the arrival of Russian oligarchs in the 1990s, and the growth of the shell company.

Listen on BBC Sounds or find it on the BBC website – and find Oliver Bullough’s books on Amazon