Registration is now open for the 2022 EU Consumer Alternate Dispute Resolution Conference

In case you haven’t seen, you can now register for the Alternate Dispute Resolution conference of the year – it will run 9 & 10 NOVEMBER 2022 at WOLFSON COLLEGE, OXFORD.

Programme Highlights

Keynote: Modernisation of Regulation of Business Practice and of Dispute Resolution

Professor Emeritus Christopher Hodges OBE, Oxford University

Current and Forthcoming European ADR Framework

Professor Stefaan Voet, KU Leuven


Access: How to improve consumer and small business access to information and assistance?

Chaired by Professor Naomi Creutzfeldt (Kent Law School, UK)

Intro by Katelijne Exelmans (Chair of the Belgian Consumer Mediation Service)

Respondents (2): Judith Turner (Deputy Chief Ombudsman, UK) and Marine Cornelis (Executive Director Next Energy Consumer)


Chair: Lewis Shand Smith (Chair of the Business Banking Resolution Service, UK)

Intro by Matt Vickers (Chief Executive and Chief Ombudsman at Ombudsman Services, UK)

Respondents: Felix Braun (Universalschlichtungsstelle des Bundes / residual ADR body Germany), Joachim Leitner (Conciliator, Verbraucherschlichtung Austria) and Dr Anna Howard (Guest Lecturer, UCL)

Procedure for Users

Chair: Eline Verhage (Leiden University, the Netherlands and independent ADR consultant)

Intro by Dr Alexandre Biard (BEUC)

Respondents: Lars Arent (European Consumer Centre Denmark) and Dr Christof Berlin (German Transport/Travel Ombudsman, söp)


Is ODR going to replace courts and ADR?

What developments have occurred in ADR/Ombudsmen?

Chair: Professor Fernando Esteban de la Rosa (Research Unit of Excellence Digital Society: Security and Protection of Rights, University of Granada)

Intro by Professor Orna Rabinovich (University of Haifa, Israel and Affiliate Academic, UCL Faculty of Laws)

Respondents: Dr Ying Yu (Adjunct Professor, Wuhan University International Law Institute), Professor Pablo Cortes (University of Leicester, UK)

Feedback and Affecting Behaviour

Chair: Diana Wallis (honorary fellow CSLS, honorary fellow law VUB, former Member and Vice-President of the European Parliament)

Intro by Prof Christopher Hodges OBE (Oxford University, UK)

Respondents: Eric Houtman (Energy Ombudsman, Belgium), Dr Lorenz Ködderitzsch (Johnson & Johnson) & TBC


Chair: Professor Emeritus Christopher Hodges OBE

Keynote: The Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls (the unified Online Court Model in the UK)

Respondents: Professor Burkhard Hess (Director Max Planck Institute for Procedural Law, Luxembourg), Professor Xandra Kramer (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Utrecht University, the Netherlands), Professor John Sorabji (University College London, UK), Professor Alan Uzelac (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Dr Magdalena Tulibacka (Emory University School of Law)

The Future of Consumer Dispute Resolution

Ms Marie-Paule Benassi (Head of Unit Consumer enforcement and redress) via video link