What do pro-cycling and business ethics have in common?

In this conversation with Andrijana Bergant, the President of EICE, she introduces me as a pioneer in adopting a culture and value-based approach towards ethics and compliance. That’s a charge I can’t escape! I share my passion for pro cycling, drawing parallels between the sport’s emphasis on teamwork and overcoming unethical practices, to the principles of ethics and compliance in the business realm.

In the discussion we dive into a project where I recently assisted a UK-based hospitality company in assessing and refining its organizational culture and values. This endeavour underscores the importance of genuinely understanding and articulating the core values that drive an organization, laying a foundation for an ethical culture.

Our discussion also touches on the critical aspect of proactive ethical decision-making and crisis prevention. I advocate for the necessity of practicing ethical decision-making through structured models, emphasizing the creation of a conducive environment for open discussions. This approach, I believe, equips individuals with the essential skills to ethically navigate through crises.

As we discuss the upcoming conference session I will lead, the focus shifts to the importance of grounding ethics and compliance initiatives in meaningful and inspiring messages. This, paired with the practice of ethical decision-making, forms the crux of nurturing an ethical culture, especially in challenging times.

This conversation with Andrijana was a stimulating exchange of ideas, and I look forward to further exploring these topics at the upcoming conference.

My keynote is the first day of the 8th Annual Bled Compliance and Ethics Conference, taking place at IEDC – Bled School of management, on 26. October. The session is titled: 

Your organization needs an effective ethical culture: What is it and how do you nurture ethical culture in challenging times?

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