Purpose, Values, Wates…

The Financial Reporting Council has issued the first in-depth assessment of the quality of reporting from private companies who have chosen to follow the Wates Principles. The report, which was conducted with the Universities of Essex, Bristol and East Anglia – shows that the Wates Principles are the most widely adopted corporate governance code used by largeContinue reading “Purpose, Values, Wates…”

Culture Sustainability Report Webinar

Just in from the good people at the Barrett Values Centre – for an upcoming webinar Wednesday February 9 2022: Startling numbers 97% of CEOs believe that sustainability is important to the future business success 85% of CEOs say it’s important to run their business in a way that accounts for wider stakeholder expectations 86%Continue reading “Culture Sustainability Report Webinar”

Please take (and share) the BVC COVID-19 Culture Assessment

The current pandemic has ushered in a new moment in our history: The Great Pause. This is a formidable global disruption both in its force, suddenness and in its intimacy. The Great Pause has exposed strengths and deficiencies in the structures, systems, and cultures of business and society. As we all emerge into what manyContinue reading “Please take (and share) the BVC COVID-19 Culture Assessment”

The Big 5: Secrets to Driving Cultural Change in Your Organisation

Wonderful and intimate event this morning. And what a setting (thank you St. Barnabas for the work you do). And great to be in conversation with Pauline Blondet, VP at GAN Integrity and Isabelle Meyer, Deputy General Counsel at Just Eat. And here, in reverse order… the big 5 keys: 5. It is not aContinue reading “The Big 5: Secrets to Driving Cultural Change in Your Organisation”

Culture, conduct & accountability – some follow-on reading & resources…

A quick five – follow #EthicalBusinessPractice for more every week… Chartered Banker: Are we getting to the root of what will drive change? Are we facing an ethics crisis? What is Ethical Business Practice and Regulation? A primer… (has a downloadable PDF you can print) Get your company values off the wall and into employeeContinue reading “Culture, conduct & accountability – some follow-on reading & resources…”

Did you miss out? The first edition of AretéWork Quarterly is out

I thought it would be useful to pull together things that have caught my attention and that relate to Ethical Business Practice and/or Regulation in some way. That gives me quite wide leeway to bring things to your attention that I think are relevant to your mission. AretéWork Quarterly a-re-té [Ahr-et’-ay] noun – virtue, excellence, beingContinue reading “Did you miss out? The first edition of AretéWork Quarterly is out”

Get your company values off the wall and into employee decisions

A widely reported survey of 2,000 UK employees conducted by Rungway found that 49% could not name their organisation’s values. More than a quarter (27 per cent) feel their organisation’s vision or values have too much corporate jargon and almost one in five (18 per cent) say they don’t reflect what the company is actuallyContinue reading “Get your company values off the wall and into employee decisions”

Making a difference

Although one’s values change over time, I think I can reasonably say that one value that has stuck with me throughout my life is my belief in the importance of making a difference. The earliest illustration of this occurred in my last year of high school when I was personally responsible for my high schoolContinue reading “Making a difference”

Why values?

Everyone has values, they are not only the source of our internal motivation and our decision-making but, as Richard Barrett explains in his new book, Everything I have learned about Values, they are the “energetic drivers of our aspirations and intentions”. Perhaps that is what attracted me to working with values when I set outContinue reading “Why values?”