The behavioural and psychological dimension of ethics and compliance

Programme Cover for 9th Annual IFBEC Conference

My co-author, professor Christopher Hodges, and I will be at the 9th Annual IFBEC Conference in Paris, November 14-15, 2018.

If you’re in the aerospace industry, we hope to see you there – here’s a brief preview:

ROUND TABLE: The Behavioral and Psychological Dimension of Ethics and Compliance (by Co-Authors of “Ethical Business Practice & Regulation: A Behavioural and Values-Based Approach to Compliance and Enforcement”) • Christopher Hodges, Professor of Justice System, University of Oxford • Ruth Steinholtz, Founder, AretéWork LLP, Valuesbased Business Ethics Consultancy • Facilitator: Dominic Hall, Head of Ethical Business Conduct, BAe Systems Plc
See the full IFBEC prorgamme PDF.

The International Forum on Business Ethical Conduct (IFBEC) was created to exchange information on best practices in the area of ethical business practices and global trends among industry participants.

You can follow along using the hashtags #IFBECParis2018 + of course #EthicalBusinessPractice and #EthicalBusinessRegulation.