What really motivates anti-corruption compliance?

I was reflecting on this question and my first take is: The best motivation is a deep seated desire to do the right thing. There’s more to it as you might expect – and I am excited that OECD is digging into it deeper – I’ll be tuning in, I hope you will too: TheContinue reading “What really motivates anti-corruption compliance?”

7 Levels of Business Practice

ARTICLE ETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICE By Phil Clothier & Ruth Steinholtz BASED ON BARRETT VALUES CENTRE’S® BARRETT MODEL AND ETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICE AND REGULATION: A BEHAVIOURAL AND VALUES-BASED APPROACH TO COMPLIANCE AND ENFORCEMENT (HODGES & STEINHOLTZ, 2017, HART PUBLISHERS) INTRODUCTION “Culture, more than rulebooks, determines how an organization behaves.”  -Warren Buffet Unethical or illegal behavior doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are multi-layeredContinue reading “7 Levels of Business Practice”

Three new webinars on #EthicalBusinessPractice

Professor Hodges and I are offering three new webinars through FINSIA – the Financial Services Institute of Australasia – the professional body in Australia and New Zealand for the financial services industry – learn more and sign up: Webinar 1: The Future of Regulation |Deterrence is not the answer to regulation: Culture is, if weContinue reading “Three new webinars on #EthicalBusinessPractice”

2020 CFR Regulatory Conference

Join us at the Community of Federal Regulators’ ReIMAGINE REGULATION FOR BETTER OUTCOMES conference. It runs from April 28-29 November 10-11, 2020 at the Ottawa Conference & Event Centre. I will give a talk, and run a workshop on Ethical Business Regulations. Also, my co-author professor Chris Hodges and Graham Russel from the UK OfficeContinue reading “2020 CFR Regulatory Conference”

Coming up: International Network for Delivery of Regulation (INDR) Conference

INDR will host a three day conference at Wolfson College, Oxford. It’ll cover issues such as the regulation research, the regulatory delivery model, and ethical business practice and ethical business regulation. Here are some of the topics we’ll explore on day three: What are the ways to take Ethical Business Regulation forward in your sectorContinue reading “Coming up: International Network for Delivery of Regulation (INDR) Conference”

“Can we regulate for innovation and can we innovate in regulation?”

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in a conference focused around the question “Can we regulate for innovation and can we innovate in regulation?”. Robert Madelin, Chairman, Fipra International, has written an analysis that crystallises the Opening and Concluding Remarks at the conference. It covers the challenges, the lessons and the learnings onContinue reading ““Can we regulate for innovation and can we innovate in regulation?””

#EthicalBusinessPractice Thoughts from Sydney

This is my first visit to Australia (I’m here for this year’s #RefinitivSummit). And I have landed right in the middle of the best place and time to explore ethical business practice and regulation. Why? A Royal Commission on misconduct in banking and financial services recently delivered its final report. And banking touches all sectionsContinue reading “#EthicalBusinessPractice Thoughts from Sydney”

The Ethics of Compliance

Looking forward to the next Risky Women® network lunch on June 4 during the Australian Regulatory Summit 2019… At the Sydney event the topic is the ethical culture of compliance. I’ll be in conversation with Gillian Cameron, Director of Client Services at Refinitiv. Join us: The importance of taking a behavioural and values-based approach toContinue reading “The Ethics of Compliance”