An Introduction to Outcome Based Cooperative Regulation (OBCR)

You can now download the new 9 page Introduction to Outcome Based Cooperative Regulation (OBCR) on SSIR and on INDR – from Christopher Hodges OBE at University of Oxford – Centre for Socio-Legal Studies; Faculty of Law. Abstract OBCR is a model for achievement of common purposes and outcomes in a cooperative mode based onContinue reading “An Introduction to Outcome Based Cooperative Regulation (OBCR)”

Ethical Business Practice Capacity Building Commitment

At AretéWork we are primarily committed to SDGs 16 and 17 (and within that sub-targets 16.5, 16.6. 16.7 – and 17.17 which, for us, tie them all together). We encourage, promote and contribute to effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships. Building on the experience from our work with OECD, UNODC E4J and other globalContinue reading “Ethical Business Practice Capacity Building Commitment”

OUT NOW: Culture Audit in Financial Services

In the next wave of conduct regulation in financial markets, from 2021 conduct regulators in the UK and elsewhere expect firms to produce evidence on how they are improving behaviour and culture. Facing this, many practitioners are anxious that their current reporting and management information (MI) are irrelevant to meeting as-yet unclear regulatory expectations. ThisContinue reading “OUT NOW: Culture Audit in Financial Services”

Women to Watch Q&A

I recently sat down with the Risky Women team for one of their Women to Watch Q&As – here are the questions they put to me: What makes you a Risky Woman? It gives meaning and purpose to my life – I want to make a difference by supporting risk professionals to move beyond policiesContinue reading “Women to Watch Q&A”

‘Regulators have to learn to humbly accept their failures and limitations…’

A brief AretéThoughts Q&A with Srikanth Mangalam… What is the most important contribution risk management can make to the lives of people in organisations? Practicing risk management has taught me to look at the big picture, understand the role of yours and others’ actions in that broader context, and the consequences they lead to. It allows you toContinue reading “‘Regulators have to learn to humbly accept their failures and limitations…’”

Kalifa FinTech Report: Ethics mentioned in passing, and only once…

The Independent report on the UK Fintech sector by Ron Kalifa OBE has just been released by HM Treasury. My quick take in the context of Ethical Business Regulation: The call for close working between the regulator and the regulated makes sense – as they suggest through ‘enhancing the Regulatory Sandbox, making permanent the digitalContinue reading “Kalifa FinTech Report: Ethics mentioned in passing, and only once…”

2021 European Compliance & Ethics Institute

Though we are all disappointed we will not be together in-person, SCCE remains dedicated to providing a first-class learning experience while keeping the health and well being of everyone a top priority.  The 2021 European Compliance & Ethics Institute will have the great speakers and content you’ve come to expect at the in-person event. Learn about the challenges facingContinue reading “2021 European Compliance & Ethics Institute”

Building a Common Language for Skills

Sometimes it is the basics that matter most. The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently published its A Global Taxonomy, Building a Common Language for Skills at Work. It does nothing less than outline the skills, attitudes and abilities required for the future of work. The WEF estimates that 50% of all employees will need newContinue reading “Building a Common Language for Skills”

#OECDintegrity Knowledge Partner Series 2020

Join us at the 2020 OECD Anti-Corruption & Integrity Knowledge Partner talks – watch the videos to learn more about the latest insights of civil society and academia on a range of issues including beneficial ownership, sovereign wealth funds, and ethical business regulation. AretéWork: Ethical business regulation: A counterintuitive approach to anti-corruption Traditional approaches that relyContinue reading “#OECDintegrity Knowledge Partner Series 2020”

What really motivates anti-corruption compliance?

I was reflecting on this question and my first take is: The best motivation is a deep seated desire to do the right thing. There’s more to it as you might expect – and I am excited that OECD is digging into it deeper – I’ll be tuning in, I hope you will too: TheContinue reading “What really motivates anti-corruption compliance?”