The Five Key Secrets to Driving Cultural Change in Your Organisation

GAN Integrity VIP Breakfast

Pauline Blondet, VP Compliance EMEA at GAN Integrity, and I will discuss this these with a select group of ethics professionals this morning.

I’ll share a follow-up post after the event with key insights – but for now, be sure to:

  1. Follow the #EthicalBusinessPractice hashtag on LinkedIn
  2. Check out the Connected CCO blog from GAN Integrity
  3. And follow along on Twitter too: @GAN_Integrity & @RuthSteinholtz

Friday Morning Reflections

And here are some questions that can help you do some end-of-week reflections – whether you’re in attendance or elsewhere:

  • Do we as an organisation understand the impact of our decisions?
  • Do we have clear and espoused values providing effective guidance for our decision takers to make the “right” decision?
  • Are we mindful of the underlying intentions of regulations set forth, of the pitfalls the regulators actually want to help us avoid?
  • How does this connect with the way in which we wish to be perceived in society and to our clients and employees?
  • Have we established clear principles of conduct (as opposed to codes) that can help us in our decision taking?