The Big 5: Secrets to Driving Cultural Change in Your Organisation

GAN Integrity - Blondet Steinholtz

Wonderful and intimate event this morning. And what a setting (thank you St. Barnabas for the work you do). And great to be in conversation with Pauline Blondet, VP at GAN Integrity and Isabelle Meyer, Deputy General Counsel at Just Eat.

Steinholtz Notes for GAN Integrity Talk
Handwritten notes – the 5 keys…

And here, in reverse order… the big 5 keys:

5. It is not a programme or project – it is a forever effort. Bake it into the DNA of your organisation. Recruit / onboard / promote accordingly!

4. We cannot do it alone. Build coalitions with other functions, and line-of-business. CEO? Sell her/him on the fact that a strong (ethical) culture is good for business. Build a library of business cases.

3. Nothing effective was ever devised in isolation. At HQ, co-create with ethics ambassadors / culture navigators.

2. You need to understand the culture(s) – and what motivates people. What motivates people? Organisations don’t change. People do!

1. V-A-L-U-E-S

Be sure to follow #EthicalBusinessPractice to learn more. And thanks to all who braved the heat to come to Soho.