Risky Women Radio Podcast: #Ethics of Compliance – podcast & transcript

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Risky Women Radio is a show that sets out to connect, celebrate and champion women in risk regulation and compliance. Listen in to this exchange on the Ethics of Compliance – and find the full transcript on riskywomen.org – as well as many more podcast episodes.

I saw my career as one big black ski run! I don’t need to prove myself as a risk taker. Risk was the theme of my career.

I have one mantra that I’ve had for many years, which is that everyone, everyone is a leader when it comes to ethics.


ImagePoints of Interest

  • 00:00 Introduction from Chief Risky Woman Kimberley Cole
  • 01:42 Sherry Madera @ Risky Women Singapore live event
  • 06:06 Career
  • 11:03 Biggest things going wrong in compliance
  • 13:51 Who is responsible for compliance
  • 16:30 Why people break rules
  • 18:38 Factors for behaviour and leadership
  • 28:31 Culture, approach, and measurement
  • 35:12 Discovering an organisation’s values
  • 37:33 When organisations don’t want to change their values
  • 39:45 Industries that finance can learn from
  • 42:07 Incentives
  • 43:23 Rapid Fire Round

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