3 Useful Questions in Dispute Resolution

Delivering Dispute Resolution: Recent review on the resolution of disputes in England and Wales DeliveringDisputeResolution Author: Christopher Hodges

I’ve just been reading through a recent report from my long-time collaborator professor Christopher Hodges. It is full of insights, here’s just one quick highlight:

Every dispute resolution pathway should be reviewed against its ability to provide satisfactory answers to three questions:

  1. How do people identify and access information, advice, support, and assistance in solving their problems?
  2. How do we ensure that dispute resolution pathways are simple, effective, and cost-effective and deliver justice to people and organizations?
  3. How do we identify systemic problems, and address them so as to reduce risk of future recurrence?

You can download the full report on the FLJS.org – and whilst there you’ll also find other publications that may be of interest, including: