Compliance Won’t Take Root or Grow in a Toxic Culture

8th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Diagnosing and Dealing with Toxicity is a Cross-Functional Endeavor

At the 8th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute in Amsterdam I will run a session covering:

How to Think Holistically About Integrity Management

  • Culture eats compliance for breakfast. Learn why it is important to recognize the signs of toxicity in your organizational culture and how to do so:
  • You may be wasting your resources trying to plant compliance in infertile soil
  • The 7 levels of ethics and compliance: are you neglecting some of them?
  • How to think holistically about what you are trying to achieve

We talk about culture all the time these days, but what can you really do to co-create an effective ethical culture? How do you construct a solid values-based foundation to address the real issues that no one wants to face?

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