How to spot if you have issues like Revolut

The problems with the culture at Revolut are not new, as the title of this February 2019 Wired article suggests: Revolut insiders reveal the human cost of a fintech unicorn’s wild rise. And now, four years later, management is “calling in the psychologists” to deal with these costs. Prevention is always better than cure; soContinue reading “How to spot if you have issues like Revolut”

Culture and code of ethics: Connecting the dots through measurement

Article excerpt – By Ruth Steinholtz and Teri Quimby, JD, LLM in Ethikos Volume 36, Number 4. October 2022: Organizational culture seems to be discussed daily, yet few can define it. For our purpose, we can use a simple definition: the way we do things around here. Edgar Schein’s three components are useful for a more precise andContinue reading “Culture and code of ethics: Connecting the dots through measurement”

Three #EthicsDates for your desk diary & wall calendar

Here’s a quick round-up of some interesting events coming up – and you can always search for #EthicsDates to find more… and with culture being integral to Ethical Business Practice, let’s start with: Facing uncomfortable truths: NCVO’s culture change journey – Association of Chairs Tuesday 25 January 2022 – 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm UK –Continue reading “Three #EthicsDates for your desk diary & wall calendar”

OUT NOW: Culture Audit in Financial Services

In the next wave of conduct regulation in financial markets, from 2021 conduct regulators in the UK and elsewhere expect firms to produce evidence on how they are improving behaviour and culture. Facing this, many practitioners are anxious that their current reporting and management information (MI) are irrelevant to meeting as-yet unclear regulatory expectations. ThisContinue reading “OUT NOW: Culture Audit in Financial Services”

Audit Firm Culture: Challenge. Trust. Transformation

Just in from the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) – a welcome international conference on the importance of culture. Audit Firm Culture: Challenge. Trust. Transformation. The conference will explore the link between audit firm culture and audit quality with the objective of accelerating the pace of change for cultural transformation in the audit profession. The conferenceContinue reading “Audit Firm Culture: Challenge. Trust. Transformation”

‘…what 99% of people intuitively want from their workplace’

A brief AretéThoughts Q&A with Dr Roger Miles: What is the most important contribution culture can make to the lives of people in organisations? To affirm a collective, pro-social purpose. This may partly be found within “what shareholders think their money represents” but increasingly it’s so much more than that: a sense that as an organisation movesContinue reading “‘…what 99% of people intuitively want from their workplace’”

Compliance is the outcome

Join top legal professionals with discussion on the latest developments – at the Global Life Sciences Law Conference. The conference, which will take place virtually over two days in March. Session on Day 1: Compliance is the outcome of an effective ethical culture How to achieve balance so that compliance does not undermine ethical behaviour:Continue reading “Compliance is the outcome”