Please take (and share) the BVC COVID-19 Culture Assessment

BVC COVID-19 Culture Assessment header

The current pandemic has ushered in a new moment in our history: The Great Pause. This is a formidable global disruption both in its force, suddenness and in its intimacy. The Great Pause has exposed strengths and deficiencies in the structures, systems, and cultures of business and society.

As we all emerge into what many are calling the New Normal, this is an opportunity for organizations to reevaluate who they want to be and how they want to show up in the world.

  • What values do they need to lean on to move forward?
  • How will they care for all stakeholders?
  • What strategies are necessary?

In order to help leaders around the world, BVC is launching a Global COVID-19 Culture Assessment to understand its impact and what is needed to recover.

Global COVID-19 Culture Assessment

The assessment is available in multiple languages and will be open until May 5th.

Please participate today

The intention is to have as many people around the world participate as possible. Therefore, we ask that you please invite your clients, colleagues, contacts, and friends to participate.

The Barrett Values Centre will be sharing the results of the assessment on Wednesday, May 20th at 4:00 pm UK time. Please register even if you cannot attend so we may share the recording with you once it is available.

We hope that this assessment will provide important insights to understand the extent and what is needed as a result of this global transformation. Thank you for your contribution.