‘Regulators have to learn to humbly accept their failures and limitations…’

A brief AretéThoughts Q&A with Srikanth Mangalam… What is the most important contribution risk management can make to the lives of people in organisations? Practicing risk management has taught me to look at the big picture, understand the role of yours and others’ actions in that broader context, and the consequences they lead to. It allows you toContinue reading “‘Regulators have to learn to humbly accept their failures and limitations…’”

A #purposeful business

When working with Ethical Business Practice and Ethical Business Regulation there are a fair few frameworks one can draw on in addition to those set out in our eponymous book. One I find complementary and useful in the context of purpose comes from the British Academy’s Future of the Corporation Project: The Academic Lead forContinue reading “A #purposeful business”

Please take (and share) the BVC COVID-19 Culture Assessment

The current pandemic has ushered in a new moment in our history: The Great Pause. This is a formidable global disruption both in its force, suddenness and in its intimacy. The Great Pause has exposed strengths and deficiencies in the structures, systems, and cultures of business and society. As we all emerge into what manyContinue reading “Please take (and share) the BVC COVID-19 Culture Assessment”