Audit Firm Culture: Challenge. Trust. Transformation

Just in from the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) – a welcome international conference on the importance of culture.

Audit Firm Culture: Challenge. Trust. Transformation.

The conference will explore the link between audit firm culture and audit quality with the objective of accelerating the pace of change for cultural transformation in the audit profession.

The conference will comprise of a week of lunchtime sessions, involving speakers and panel debates. There will be leading academics, directors, regulators, standard setters and culture change experts. They will be speaking on topics ranging from the link between audit quality and audit firm culture, developing an auditor’s mindset of professional scepticism and challenge, the role of the audit committee, how to assess and measure culture and the role of the regulator in supervising culture.

The conference will consist of five lunchtime virtual webinars (21 June 2021 – 25 June 2021) and will be of interest to audit professionals, audit committee chairs, academics, international regulators, culture change experts, directors and other stakeholders.