Westminster eForum: Policy priorities for supporting emerging technology

Photo by Ugur Akdemir on Unsplash

Matt Hervey and I are on a panel at an upcoming Westminster eForum this November – and it’ll be a wide-ranging discussion – the full title for the exchange is:

Legal, policy, security, and regulatory priorities – supporting innovation while understanding risks, regulatory agility, IP, and strategies for effective knowledge sharing across sectors

Matt is head of Artificial Intelligence Law at Gowling (and topical with the volume The Law of Artificial Intelligence, co-authored with Matthew Lavy). My focus will be on Ethical Business Practice and Regulation (as you might have expected).

There’s lots more to look forward to on the day though – including the following confirmed speakers:

Emerging technology and the shifting landscape for regulation

With Gary Clemo, Director, Data Innovation, Ofcom

Supporting adoption – communicating the practical impact of emerging technology on solving real world challenges for organisations of all scales, and priorities for skills development and promoting career paths

With Sue Daley, Director, Tech and Innovation, techUK alongside

Priorities for research and development, and tackling barriers to cross-sector collaboration

With Dr Peter Waggett, Director, Hartree National Centre for Digital Innovation, IBM

Supporting innovation, facilitating investment in emerging technologies, and engagement across the public and private sectors

Robert Franks, Managing Director, West Midlands 5G

Policy priorities and the way forward for cross-sector standardisation and promoting the UK’s role as a global leader in the development and use of emerging tech

With Dr Scott Steedman, Director-General, Standards, British Standards Institution

Chair’s and Westminster eForum closing remarks

With Michael Ryan, Deputy Editor, Westminster eForum

I hope to see you there. And stay tuned to the programme as it develops:


Photo credit: Houses of Parliament by Ugur Akdemir /via Unsplash