Culture & Conduct Deep Dive Report

The report from the 1LoD Deep Dive on Culture & Conduct is now available. Download the full report to get insights on the topic from a range of international experts. And here’s a quick preview of my comments on the risk of seeing culture as a cost:

“Leaders have a big role in creating the culture but they’re operating both from their individual mindset and their institutional mindset and they are influenced by the systemic context. For leadership to truly drive positive cultural change they need to understand and accept the business case for why culture work is important and that it produces better financial results. A lot of people don’t see it that way.”

Culture & Conduct is back on the agenda at XLoD Global 16-18 November 2021. Learn more (and book) here:

Here’s a speedy preview of the report – and you can flick through the whole report (and download it) here.

Thanks to 1LoD for compiling and sharing it – and hope to see you at XLoD Global!