Culture Sustainability Report Webinar

Just in from the good people at the Barrett Values Centre – for an upcoming webinar Wednesday February 9 2022:

Startling numbers

  1. 97% of CEOs believe that sustainability is important to the future business success
  2. 85% of CEOs say it’s important to run their business in a way that accounts for wider stakeholder expectations
  3. 86% of CEOs say that data about employees’ views and needs is critical, however, only 29% say that they have access to this kind of data

What to do

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Organizations across the world are building strategies to address the UN Sustainability Goals and ESG initiatives. Barrett Values Centre new Culture Sustainability Report offers a clear lens into how cultural values can support or hinder these ambitions and supports the actions to improve success.

Join Tom Rausch in a powerful and engaging discussion on Sustainability and Values.

Key topics:

– An overview of the Culture Sustainability Report

– Discussion of opportunities to enhance Culture Change engagements by examining Sustainability

– How Sustainability Development connects and integrates with Whole Systems Transformation


And the footnotes to those numbers in case you want to dig deeper meanwhile:

  1. Accenture Study into the UN Sustainable Development Goals (1,000 CEOs across 21 industries and 99 countries) shows that 97% believe that sustainability is important to the future success of their business.
  2. PwC 20th annual CEO Survey (2017) – 20 years inside the mind of the CEO –
  3. PwC 22nd annual CEO Survey (2019) – CEO’s curbed confidence spells caution –