‘If you want someone to do something, then make it easier…’

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One of the points I am constantly making when speaking to audiences large and small is that complicated policies, procedures, guidance, etc are ineffective. This is one of the reasons that values are often more effective than rules. It isn’t necessary to give complicated instructions to ensure that people don’t work around it like you would have to with a rule – the biggest mistake is trying to cover all eventualities – you will certainly forget something and there will be a loop hole.

One way to remind oneself about this (and other) key behavioural science insights? Read more from behavioural scientists…

On this blog I’ve referenced the work of Dan Ariely before, recommended the books of Margaret Heffernan as two examples. And I am always looking for more to add to my growing list of top reads. If you have one, be sure to let me know.

And meanwhile let me share a recent addition: the Human Risk newsletter. The latest issue hit my inbox the other day. Really worthwhile. It is from Christian Hunt – aka @HumanRiskBlog – and those hyperlinks should make it easy to follow his work. Enjoy.