What really motivates anti-corruption compliance?

OECD Webinar - what really motivates anti-corruption compliance

I was reflecting on this question and my first take is:

The best motivation is a deep seated desire to do the right thing.

There’s more to it as you might expect – and I am excited that OECD is digging into it deeper – I’ll be tuning in, I hope you will too:

The new OECD Study on Corporate Anti-Corruption Compliance Drivers, Mechanisms, and Ideas for Change will be launched during a webinar on 23 September. The event will focus on the various factors that have driven companies to design systems to prevent, detect, and respond to the risk of corruption, such as legal and regulatory requirements, and enforcement and reputational risks.

Learn more – and register for the launch event

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Axel Threlfall, Editor-at-large, Thomson Reuters
  • Anna Hallberg, Minister of Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs of Sweden
  • Jeffrey Schlagenhauf, OECD Deputy-Secretary General
  • France Chain, Senior Legal Analyst, OECD Anti-Corruption Division
  • Alma Balcázar, Co-founder and Principal of GR Compliance SAS and Member of the International Council of Transparency International
  • Andrew Gentin, Assistant Chief, Fraud Section, Criminal Division, United States Department of Justice
  • Corinne Lagache, Chair, Business at OECD Anti-Corruption Committee, and Senior Vice President, Group Compliance Officer, Safran
  • Caroline Lindgren, Head of Legal and Local Compliance Officer of Sweco Sverige AB