Debate: Bringing Behavioural Science into the 3 LOD

 18 Nov 2021 16:55 – 17:45 – Debate – Culture & Conduct

  • What are the different approaches firms are taking to incorporate behavioural science within their existing control frameworks? Should banks be hiring a Chief Behavioural Officer?
  • What insights does behavioural science provide that can help financial institutions improve conduct?
  • How can behavioural science-based approaches help to effect behavioural change in organisations?
  • What are the key behavioural indicators which can be used to assess whether conduct programmes have had a lasting impact on an organisation?


Dr. Roger Noon, Conduct, Risk Culture and Behavioural Science Advisor


  • Irene Rey, Global Director, Culture and Conduct – TD Securities
  • Mirea Raaijmakers, Global Head Behavioural Risk Management – ING
  • Dr Rimma Teper, Senior Director, Behavioural Scientist, Internal Audit – RBC

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