#OECDintegrity Knowledge Partner Series 2020

Join us at the 2020 OECD Anti-Corruption & Integrity Knowledge Partner talks – watch the videos to learn more about the latest insights of civil society and academia on a range of issues including beneficial ownership, sovereign wealth funds, and ethical business regulation. AretéWork: Ethical business regulation: A counterintuitive approach to anti-corruption Traditional approaches that relyContinue reading “#OECDintegrity Knowledge Partner Series 2020”

European Compliance & Ethics Institute | 15-17 March 2021

VIRTUAL CONFERENCE – 9th Annual SCCE ECEI European Compliance & Ethics Institute | 15-17 March 2021 Learn about the Challenges Facing the European Compliance & Ethics Communit Though we are all disappointed we will not be together in-person, the SCCE remains dedicated to providing a first-class learning experience while keeping the health and well-being of everyone aContinue reading “European Compliance & Ethics Institute | 15-17 March 2021”

The Ethics of Employee Surveillance

Debate coming up at this year’s XLoD Global Conference: Is the impact of privacy regulation inconsistent with employee surveillance? How much oversight do Supervisors in the business require of their employees personal conduct? To what extent should firms look at individuals’ behaviour outside their organisation? Without assessing personal and financial and data of employees, areContinue reading “The Ethics of Employee Surveillance”

#CultureandConduct 2020

A timely flashback to some earlier culture and conduct reading & resources… as City & Financial prepare for this year’s #CultureandConduct conference. For 2020 they’re lining up a who’s who of speakers, including Dr Ian Peters MBE from the Institute of Business Ethics, Jonathan Davidson from the Financial Conduct Authority and Alison Cottrell from theContinue reading “#CultureandConduct 2020”

Navigate the Ethics challenges of a Remote Workforce

The SCCE is putting on a half-day online and interactive conference focused on the challenges of remote working. Attendees will have the opportunity to earn live Compliance Certification Board (CCB)® continuing education units (CEUs). Learn More BONUS! Live conference attendees will have free access to the session recordings for 30 days after the conference. Here’s the sessionContinue reading “Navigate the Ethics challenges of a Remote Workforce”

Can ‘10% more ethical’ be extrapolated?

More facts and the full report: ethics.org.au/the-ethical-advantage/ Key quote on ethical decision making “It is only right to examine how ethical-decision making benefits society. It is not surprising that some of the benefits are demonstrable in economic terms. As a result, purposeful investment to build ethical infrastructure makes sense for our societies and our economies.Continue reading “Can ‘10% more ethical’ be extrapolated?”

2020 Nordic Business Ethics Survey

Nordic Business Ethics Network (NBEN) is a professional network for people who share a mission to promote responsible corporate conduct, business integrity, and responsible leadership. 700 people registered for their recent live-streamed release event – you can now, as I have, download the full 2020 Nordic Business Ethics survey report. It is full of usefulContinue reading “2020 Nordic Business Ethics Survey”

What levers do governments have to change the organisational culture of international companies?

Key take-aways from the recent #BetterRegulation conference organised by FIPRA and the European Justice Forum. The conference also marked the launch of a Brussels and EU chapter for the International Network for the Delivery of Regulation. “The basic idea is to say let’s regulate through ethical culture, rather than through deterrence. Let’s have a problem-solving approach, rather than the linearContinue reading “What levers do governments have to change the organisational culture of international companies?”

Anti-Corruption Compliance Drivers, Mechanisms, and Ideas for Change

In case you missed today’s OECD webinar on what really motivates anti-corruption compliance – then here’s the replay: Find more about the speakers, report download and lots more resources on the OECD website here: oecd.org/corruption/anti-bribery/ AretéWork is a Knowledge Partner for OECD Integrity.

Shinsu University White Collar Crime Workshop

Coming up on Friday 20 November 2020 – we hope to see you at this event organised by Daisuke Fukamizu, partner at Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu and associate research professor at Shinsu University. The full-day programme includes this roundtable: Corporate Culture & Corporate Crimes Roundtable Moderator Thomas Miles (University of Chicago) Panelists Tatsuhiko Inatani (KyotoContinue reading “Shinsu University White Collar Crime Workshop”