What levers do governments have to change the organisational culture of international companies?

Key take-aways from the recent #BetterRegulation conference organised by FIPRA and the European Justice Forum. The conference also marked the launch of a Brussels and EU chapter for the International Network for the Delivery of Regulation. “The basic idea is to say let’s regulate through ethical culture, rather than through deterrence. Let’s have a problem-solving approach, rather than the linearContinue reading “What levers do governments have to change the organisational culture of international companies?”

Anti-Corruption Compliance Drivers, Mechanisms, and Ideas for Change

In case you missed today’s OECD webinar on what really motivates anti-corruption compliance – then here’s the replay: Find more about the speakers, report download and lots more resources on the OECD website here: oecd.org/corruption/anti-bribery/ AretéWork is a Knowledge Partner for OECD Integrity.

Shinsu University White Collar Crime Workshop

Coming up on Friday 20 November 2020 – we hope to see you at this event organised by Daisuke Fukamizu, partner at Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu and associate research professor at Shinsu University. The full-day programme includes this roundtable: Corporate Culture & Corporate Crimes Roundtable Moderator Thomas Miles (University of Chicago) Panelists Tatsuhiko Inatani (KyotoContinue reading “Shinsu University White Collar Crime Workshop”


At a FIPRA event last year, much attention was devoted to Ethical Business Practice and Regulation. Building on the positive response both to the event and in subsequent work, in Europe and around the world, FIPRA wants to build on those foundations. This year’s FIPRA and European Justice Forum joint conference will mark the launchContinue reading “#BetterRegulation”

A quick 4 question Q&A on Ethical Business Practice

A quick 4 question Q&A prior to the 6th Annual Bled Compliance and Ethics Conference – with Andrijana Bergant – President of EICE – the European Institute for Compliance and Ethics: [Andrijana Bergant] – What are in your opinion most important lessons from current corona crises for compliance officers and business leaders to benefit from?Continue reading “A quick 4 question Q&A on Ethical Business Practice”

What really motivates anti-corruption compliance?

I was reflecting on this question and my first take is: The best motivation is a deep seated desire to do the right thing. There’s more to it as you might expect – and I am excited that OECD is digging into it deeper – I’ll be tuning in, I hope you will too: TheContinue reading “What really motivates anti-corruption compliance?”

Nordic Business Ethics Survey 2020

Just in from our friends at Nordic Business Ethics – we’ll be tuning in – and hope to see you there: “We are happy to announce that we are proceeding with planning for the release of the Nordic Business Ethics Survey 2020 edition which will be arranged together with Forensic Risk Alliance and various cooperationContinue reading “Nordic Business Ethics Survey 2020”

7 Levels of Business Practice

ARTICLE ETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICE By Phil Clothier & Ruth Steinholtz BASED ON BARRETT VALUES CENTRE’S® BARRETT MODEL AND ETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICE AND REGULATION: A BEHAVIOURAL AND VALUES-BASED APPROACH TO COMPLIANCE AND ENFORCEMENT (HODGES & STEINHOLTZ, 2017, HART PUBLISHERS) INTRODUCTION “Culture, more than rulebooks, determines how an organization behaves.”  -Warren Buffet Unethical or illegal behavior doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are multi-layeredContinue reading “7 Levels of Business Practice”

A #purposeful business

When working with Ethical Business Practice and Ethical Business Regulation there are a fair few frameworks one can draw on in addition to those set out in our eponymous book. One I find complementary and useful in the context of purpose comes from the British Academy’s Future of the Corporation Project: The Academic Lead forContinue reading “A #purposeful business”