Clever / Wise / Inept / Innocent

A quick and worthwhile excerpt from a newsletter from Tom Geraghty which I subscribe to: It would be lovely to live in a world without organisational politics, but it’s unlikely to happen: power structures, hierarchies, vested interests and incentives all contribute to political organisational dynamics, and if we’re blind to them, we do ourselves and ourContinue reading “Clever / Wise / Inept / Innocent”

Three insights from the World Economic Forum

Guest blog by Michael Ambjorn – following the annual Davos circus from afar, a few quick take-aways: Don’t miss the elephant(s) in the room Hannibal famously crossed the Alps with elephants. I’m fairly sure that he didn’t go through Davos. Yet, that’s not to say that the assembled leaders didn’t miss a few elephants nevertheless. Well,Continue reading “Three insights from the World Economic Forum”