Anti-Corruption as a critical condition for Sustainable Recovery

Sensible advice just in from the Basel Institute on Governance and Transparency International – just in time for the  Ukraine Recovery Conference  running 4–5 July in Lugano, Switzerland. The conference will see leaders from around the world pledge hopefully billions to finance Ukraine’s post-war recovery and reconstruction. The recommendations include the need to: prioritise theContinue reading “Anti-Corruption as a critical condition for Sustainable Recovery”

The ABC of Anti-Bribery & Corruption

This 15 – 16 November 2018 I’m participating in the 7th Annual Anti-Bribery & Corruption Forum in London. There will be essential updates from the G20, European Public Prosecutor’s Office, International Anti-Corruption Coordination Centre, Interpol, Transparency International and many more. And I look forward to joining Gaon Hart and Sterl Greenhalgh for a breakout session onContinue reading “The ABC of Anti-Bribery & Corruption”