Are we facing an ethics crisis?

I’ve written earlier about the work I’ve been doing focused on Strengthening global integrity and ethics – as part of a team of 70 experts from 30 countries across the globe. I’m excited that the education modules we’ve worked on are now available – you can find them, and much more about this work, here: reading “Are we facing an ethics crisis?”

Strengthening global integrity and ethics

“If young people acquire sufficient and appropriate education, they will be able to make a significant contribution towards preventing and combating crime and corruption, thus bringing about change for a better future.” – UNODC‘s Corruption and Economic Crime Branch Chief, Dimitri Vlassis It has been exciting to be part of the development of a newContinue reading “Strengthening global integrity and ethics”

Get your company values off the wall and into employee decisions

A widely reported survey of 2,000 UK employees conducted by Rungway found that 49% could not name their organisation’s values. More than a quarter (27 per cent) feel their organisation’s vision or values have too much corporate jargon and almost one in five (18 per cent) say they don’t reflect what the company is actuallyContinue reading “Get your company values off the wall and into employee decisions”

Three things I learned at the 6th Annual #SCCEecei

Reflections from the 6th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute – aka #SCCEecei – where I also delivered a session on #EthicalBusinessRegulation and Culture Change. I have always been fascinated by the forces within organisations that come together to create outcomes – especially catastrophic outcomes. I had a parallel career in crisis management, which gave me the opportunity toContinue reading “Three things I learned at the 6th Annual #SCCEecei”

Why values?

Everyone has values, they are not only the source of our internal motivation and our decision-making but, as Richard Barrett explains in his new book, Everything I have learned about Values, they are the “energetic drivers of our aspirations and intentions”. Perhaps that is what attracted me to working with values when I set outContinue reading “Why values?”