‘…what 99% of people intuitively want from their workplace’

A brief AretéThoughts Q&A with Dr Roger Miles: What is the most important contribution culture can make to the lives of people in organisations? To affirm a collective, pro-social purpose. This may partly be found within “what shareholders think their money represents” but increasingly it’s so much more than that: a sense that as an organisation movesContinue reading “‘…what 99% of people intuitively want from their workplace’”

The 2018 Ethical Leadership Summit

ETHICAL LEADERSHIP IN A POST-TRUTH WORLD   Are we in an ethical crisis today? Does ethical behaviour reduce competitiveness? What are the ethical implications of AI for HR? These and other pertinent questions will be explored at the Ethical Leadership Summit 2018. Whether you work in the private, public or third sector, if you wouldContinue reading “The 2018 Ethical Leadership Summit”