An Introduction to Outcome Based Cooperative Regulation (OBCR)

You can now download the new 9 page Introduction to Outcome Based Cooperative Regulation (OBCR) on SSIR and on INDR – from Christopher Hodges OBE at University of Oxford – Centre for Socio-Legal Studies; Faculty of Law. Abstract OBCR is a model for achievement of common purposes and outcomes in a cooperative mode based onContinue reading “An Introduction to Outcome Based Cooperative Regulation (OBCR)”

Purpose, Values, Wates…

The Financial Reporting Council has issued the first in-depth assessment of the quality of reporting from private companies who have chosen to follow the Wates Principles. The report, which was conducted with the Universities of Essex, Bristol and East Anglia – shows that the Wates Principles are the most widely adopted corporate governance code used by largeContinue reading “Purpose, Values, Wates…”

100 for the Ethics Academy

The good people at The Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI) has announced their 2022 call for applications for the Ethics Academy Scholarship program. In celebration of ECI’s Centennial Anniversary, the Northrop Grumman Foundation and KPMG have generously partnered to expand access to ECI’s Ethics Academy. Over the next three years ECI will select 100 qualifiedContinue reading “100 for the Ethics Academy”

The most cost effective way to ensure that ethics permeates the organisation…

I was excited to read a blog by Linn Byberg at the Institute of Business Ethics titled Ethics ambassadors: helping hands across the organisation. A worthwhile read. It is a topic close to my heart as you might know – having pioneered the concept – and authored the Institute’s Good Practice Guide on the topic.Continue reading “The most cost effective way to ensure that ethics permeates the organisation…”

18th Annual Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime Seminar

One for the calendar – organised by the good people at AMLP: New Topics 2022 New UK Economic Crime Plan – national priorities including private sector information sharing, fraud action plan & stepping up oversight of payments and virtual currencies The FCA’s supervisory priorities 2022 – commitment to a more proactive approach Post-brexit economic sanctions strategies update &Continue reading “18th Annual Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime Seminar”

Call to action: Be part of the data-driven renewal of public integrity

A call to action from our friends at the OECD: The OECD Public Integrity Indicators establish a new benchmark for government resilience to corruption risks and provide guidance on how to strengthen public integrity. Based on primary data sources validated by governments, the Indicators will help bolster global efforts against corruption. Visit the OECD PublicContinue reading “Call to action: Be part of the data-driven renewal of public integrity”

Culture > compensation = the great resignation

The Great Resignation, also sometimes called The Big Quit rolls on… and the research on the why is beginning to roll in. A lot has been said about the role of compensation (stagnant wages being eroded by inflation for example). And at this stage we probably all deserve a pay rise. Yet that won’t reverseContinue reading “Culture > compensation = the great resignation”

Culture Sustainability Report Webinar

Just in from the good people at the Barrett Values Centre – for an upcoming webinar Wednesday February 9 2022: Startling numbers 97% of CEOs believe that sustainability is important to the future business success 85% of CEOs say it’s important to run their business in a way that accounts for wider stakeholder expectations 86%Continue reading “Culture Sustainability Report Webinar”

Working with Human Rights in practice

Kick start the year with EthicsTalk LIVE on the human right in practice on January 31st The good people at Nordic Business Ethics are putting on another EthicsTalk LIVE – and it is a topic that is close to my heart. The EthicsTalk LIVE panelists include Parul Sharma, CEO at the Academy for Human Rights in Business and Annika Ramsköld,Continue reading “Working with Human Rights in practice”