6th Annual Bled Compliance & Ethics Conference

The European Institute of Compliance and Ethics (EICE) preparing for the 6th Annual Bled Compliance & Ethics Conference. It is organised in partnership with the International Compliance Association and the European Network for Compliance Officers. And I’ll be there to talk #EthicalBusinessPractice. Find the agenda here: bcec.eu/agenda-2020/ – read about the speakers and be sureContinue reading “6th Annual Bled Compliance & Ethics Conference”

On Corporate Culture …

Corporate cultures tend to be organic, living things, but where do they come from?  In a recent discussion with Adam Turteltaub at the SCCE – now out as a podcast – we explored this and more. As cultures evolve, some, obviously can grow toxic. A blame culture, in which the tendency is to look for individualsContinue reading “On Corporate Culture …”

Three new webinars on #EthicalBusinessPractice

Professor Hodges and I are offering three new webinars through FINSIA – the Financial Services Institute of Australasia – the professional body in Australia and New Zealand for the financial services industry – learn more and sign up: Webinar 1: The Future of Regulation |Deterrence is not the answer to regulation: Culture is, if weContinue reading “Three new webinars on #EthicalBusinessPractice”

The results are in: Global COVID-19 Culture Assessment

How has COVID-19 impacted the values and culture of organisations? What is needed to recover and thrive?  These are great questions – because we’re seeing values change right in front of our eyes. Change that normally would take years, not weeks. The Global COVID-19 Culture Assessment sought to answer these – and more questions – toContinue reading “The results are in: Global COVID-19 Culture Assessment”

#OECDintegrity: the webinar series

This year’s OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum in Paris was moved online due to COVID-19 – and here’s your chance to participate. This just in from OECD: To continue sharing knowledge and expertise in today’s changing environment, the OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum team is launching a series of webinars with speakers fromContinue reading “#OECDintegrity: the webinar series”

Please take (and share) the BVC COVID-19 Culture Assessment

The current pandemic has ushered in a new moment in our history: The Great Pause. This is a formidable global disruption both in its force, suddenness and in its intimacy. The Great Pause has exposed strengths and deficiencies in the structures, systems, and cultures of business and society. As we all emerge into what manyContinue reading “Please take (and share) the BVC COVID-19 Culture Assessment”

[Virtual] Compliance Won’t Take Root or Grow in a Toxic Culture

Diagnosing and Dealing with Toxicity is a Cross-Functional Endeavor At the 8th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute in Amsterdam online, I will run a session covering: How to Think Holistically About Integrity Management Culture eats compliance for breakfast. Learn why it is important to recognize the signs of toxicity in your organizational culture andContinue reading “[Virtual] Compliance Won’t Take Root or Grow in a Toxic Culture”