New Board Effectiveness Guidance from the Financial Reporting Council

AretéWork whole-heartedly welcomes the new Guidance for boards and board committees from the Financial Reporting Council. The guidance covers a lot of ground. In this brief post we’ll focus on one key element in the guidance: “The workforce will be a vital source of insight into the culture of the company.” We agree with this, andContinue reading “New Board Effectiveness Guidance from the Financial Reporting Council”

Shared values contribute to safe landing – the case of Southwest Airlines

There is no point in sitting in the Board room and choosing values in a vacuum; no matter how well you think you know your business, unless… The view from the C suite is different from the view from other vantage points. It can be a reality distortion field. I’ve seen it for myself. NoContinue reading “Shared values contribute to safe landing – the case of Southwest Airlines”

What we’re reading now – July

Firms of Endearment – ‘How world-class companies profit from passion and purpose’. FCA Discussion Paper Transforming Culture in Financial Services – a compendium of essays on the subject, relevant to all sectors Regulating for Ethical Culture in Behavioral Science & Policy – “In ‘Regulating for ethical culture,’ Linda Trevino, Jon Haidt & Azish Filabi reviewContinue reading “What we’re reading now – July”

Did you miss out? The first edition of AretéWork Quarterly is out

I thought it would be useful to pull together things that have caught my attention and that relate to Ethical Business Practice and/or Regulation in some way. That gives me quite wide leeway to bring things to your attention that I think are relevant to your mission. AretéWork Quarterly a-re-té [Ahr-et’-ay] noun – virtue, excellence, beingContinue reading “Did you miss out? The first edition of AretéWork Quarterly is out”

Are we facing an ethics crisis?

I’ve written earlier about the work I’ve been doing focused on Strengthening global integrity and ethics – as part of a team of 70 experts from 30 countries across the globe. I’m excited that the education modules we’ve worked on are now available – you can find them, and much more about this work, here: reading “Are we facing an ethics crisis?”

Policy Brief: The International Adoption of Ethical Business Regulation

This Policy Brief is the latest in a series on Ethical Business Practice (EBP) and Ethical Business Regulation (EBR). It summarizes current thinking on these topics, based on a Conference held at Wolfson College, Oxford on 4 May 2018. Big thanks to all who contributed. An excerpt  What are ethical business practice (EBP) and ethicalContinue reading “Policy Brief: The International Adoption of Ethical Business Regulation”

You say Compliance, I say Culture

The International Chamber of Commerce has a new report out on global trade. Timely with Brexit looming over us in the UK/ EU and the rattling of trade war sabres in the US. That said, the impact of new rules isn’t the only thing that is top of mind for people in this space. LivingContinue reading “You say Compliance, I say Culture”

Strengthening global integrity and ethics

“If young people acquire sufficient and appropriate education, they will be able to make a significant contribution towards preventing and combating crime and corruption, thus bringing about change for a better future.” – UNODC‘s Corruption and Economic Crime Branch Chief, Dimitri Vlassis It has been exciting to be part of the development of a newContinue reading “Strengthening global integrity and ethics”

How do you create an effective ethical culture?

At a recent Women in Compliance event, hosted by Risk Advisory, we looked at how companies can create an ethical culture that can support compliance. Imogen Haddon, Group Chief Compliance Officer for News Corp UK and I were guest speakers – and Rebecca Palser has helpfully summed up the key take-aways here. Enjoy!

Ethical Business Practice and Regulation [Podcast]

At the 6th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute (aka #SCCEecei) where I delivered a session on #EthicalBusinessRegulation and Culture Change – I also had a chance to catch up with Adam Turteltaub. Here’s podcast with our discussion. As Adam says in his post on There is a lot written and discussed about ethical business practices.  Not so much, though,Continue reading “Ethical Business Practice and Regulation [Podcast]”